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Dear Darbo-Worthington-Starkweather and Town of Blooming Grove residents,

Please join us for an Open House on May 10th, at Salvation Army. 3030 Darbo Dr., from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. where our Planning team will present the complete DRAFT Plan for review and comment, and ask for your funding priorities of neighborhood projects. This will be also an opportunity for you to form or join one of the actions teams that the neighbors have created through this planning process.

We will have food and beverages for all attendees and there will also be childcare and language assistance (Hmong and Spanish).

Join us and help us shape the future of your neighborhood!

See you on May 10th,

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Final Open House Postcard DWS 01

For more information, contact:
Ian Aley | MarketReady Program Coordinator22
608-204-7029 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Training program seeks new entrepreneurs, plants seeds for Madison Public Market

The MarketReady Program, the City of Madison’s major Madison Public Market equity initiative,
launched in March after nearly a year of planning. With construction for the Public Market slated for
2018, MarketReady aims to cultivate a diverse cohort of small businesses to vend in the Public
Market when it opens in 2019.

The program will support new entrepreneurs with business training, technical assistance, business
coaching, peer support and micro-grants, with an emphasis on investing in communities that face
historical barriers to business ownership, including low income populations, people of color,
immigrants, women, displaced workers, veterans and LGBTQ individuals.

Thirty applicants will enroll in the program and receive one-on-one consultation, referrals to

educational and financial services and invitations to peer networking events. Half of these
participants will receive additional mentorship and access to City-funded micro-grants. At the end of
the program, this cohort of 15 will present their business plans to the City’s Public Market
Development Committee, which will select five participants to receive additional funding to operate
in the Madison Public Market.

The City of Madison is funding the MarketReady Program as a component of the Public Market

Implementation Strategy that was approved the City Council last year. The concept of MarketReady
emerged from applying the City’s Racial Equity and Social Justice Initiative Tool to the Public
Market project. The results of the equity analysis emphasized the Public Market’s potential role as a
platform for diverse entrepreneurship if the right support programming is put in place. The City’s
Public Market Development Committee developed the framework for MarketReady and selected a
local team to administer the program. The team is led by the Northside Planning Council and FEED
Kitchens, and includes the Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation and Dane County
UW Extension. The Northside Planning Council has engaged Ian Aley as the MarketReady Program

City of Madison Business Development Specialist, Mike Miller, will manage the City’s contract for
the project, provide regular updates to the Public Market Development Committee and work with the
team throughout the process. Miller sees MarketReady as an opportunity to build an equitable
foundation for the Madison Public Market. “The exciting part for me is that the MarketReady
Program came about through a Racial Equity and Social Justice Initiative (RESJI) Equity Tool
analysis,” Miller said.

Miller explained that RESJI “identified that the Madison Public Market could be a positive
economic opportunity for low-income populations, communities of color, immigrants, women and
groups historically facing barriers to starting businesses. The program will target individuals from
these groups who are interested in opening a business in the Madison Public Market.”
Space in the Public Market will not be limited to MarketReady participants. The City of Madison
has begun a parallel vendor intake process which will extend beyond the program. The vendor
interest form for the Public Market is available at the City of Madison website. “If someone isn’t
ready to go when MarketReady applications are due, they can still vend in the market,” said Aley.
“This will be an ongoing process of support; we’ll still walk with people and support them along the
way, because we want everyone to be successful.”

As MarketReady launches and Madison Public Market development continues, Aley looks forward

to strengthening local connections through entrepreneurship. “The Public Market is an incredible
opportunity. It’s an opportunity for Northsiders, Madisonians and people in the broader region to
make a livelihood creating products that are unique to our area and to connect with neighbors. I see
the Public Market as a place for people from many different backgrounds to be in their strengths
together in the same place.”

The MarketReady Program will accept applications until the July 1, 2017 deadline. Applications are

available online at marketreadymadison.org and at FEED Kitchens, 1219 N. Sherman Ave, Madison,
WI 53704. More information is also available at facebook.com/marketreadymadison.

The Northside Planning Council focuses on small business incubation, food security, regional food
system coordination, vocational training, commercial district revitalization, community journalism
and technology, grassroots leadership development and community organizing towards the goal of
advancing racial and economic equity for Madison's northside community. Learn more about the
Northside Planning Council at http://northsideplanningcouncil.org/.

Annoucement-Madison Public Market

"Come learn more about opportunities to open a business at the Madison Public Market on Sunday, April 30 from 1-4pm at Badger Rock Neighborhood Center (501 East Badger Road, Madison, WI). The Madison Public Market will be an indoor year round market space to sell food, crafts, and other items produced locally. It will be located on East Washington Avenue in Madison.

At the event on April 30 we will have a chance to hear about MarketReady. This program will support new and existing businesses over the next two years so that they are ready to sell at the Public Market when it opens in 2019. The MarketReady program will provide business development support and some funds to help start or expand your business.

Please join us to learn more Sunday, April 30 from 1-4pm at Badger Rock Neighborhood Center (501 East Badger Road, Madison, WI). Snacks and language interpretation will be provided. All are welcome."

Organic Vegetable Production Conference

February 3rd & 4th, 2017  Ι  Alliant Energy Center, Madison, WI

Esta conferencia es una iniciativa de los productores organizada en torno al intercambio de habilidades entre granjeros, y se espera que atraiga a productores de Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa y Wisconsin.

Para asistencia en Español, llame a Barbara Nuñez al 608-224-3704

Lub rooj sib tham uas cov neeg cog zaub ua tus tsim tawm yog rau cov neeg cog zaub los sib qog qhia tswv yim txog kev cog zaub thiab xav tias yuav haub yaum tau cov neeg cog zaub hauv Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, thiab Wisconsin tuaj.

Hu rau Jack Chang ntawm 608-224-5050 rau kev pab rau npe ua lus Hmoob.

This producer initiated conference is built around farmer to farmer skill sharing and is expected to attract growers from Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin.



Topics and Presenters / Temas y Presentadores / Cov Ntsiab Lus thiab Cov Neeg Qhia

Accommodations / Adaptaciones / Cov Kev Pab

Registration / Inscripción / Rau Npe

Scholarships / Becas / Nyiaj Pab

Language Access / Acceso a idiomas / Kev Siv Lus

  • Llame a Jack Chang al 608-224-5050 para obtener asistencia con la traducción en miao.
  • Llame a Bárbara Nunez al 608 224 3704 para obtener asistencia con la traducción en español.
  • Habrá interpretación simultánea en miao y español para quienes lo necesiten.
  • Nuestro compromiso es promover la agricultura orgánica entre las minorías y las familias de inmigrantes. Puede inscribir a un invitado adicional de la familia para que asista a la conferencia de manera gratuita.
  • Hu rau Jack Chang ntawm 608-224-5050 rau kev pab rau npe ua lus Hmoob.
  • Hu rau Barbara Nunez ntawm 608-224-3704 rau kev pab rau npe ua lus Mev.
  • Muaj kev txhais lus tib lub sij hawm ua lus Hmoob thiab lus Mev, yog xav tau.
  • Peb muaj kev ruaj siab los txhawb kev cog zaub uas tsis siv chiv ntawm cov neeg tsawg thiab cov neeg khiav teb chaws. Koj rau npe tau rau ib tug neeg hauv tsev neeg ntxiv tuaj koom lub rooj sib tham dawb.




Warm Up to Winter Savings
Fight the chill—and costs—of winter with these easy energy-saving tips for your home.

Winter officially returns later this month. This year's winter solstice—the day with the fewest hours of daylight—occurs on December 21. But many of us actually started using our furnaces and fireplaces for the first time weeks ago. This house reveals some tips for being more energy efficient when the temperature drops. See if you're aware of these actions you could take in your own home!    


When old man winter finally does arrive, he always brings with him increased energy usage. energy2030together.com has summarized some of the most common ways we all can reduce our energy use during the deep freeze that's sure to come. If we all reduce our usage, we not only save money individually, but together, we make an impact!

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